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Yan, by aggro_badger, dressed in his magisters uniform. The wings (featured) are aetherial, appearing when he uses magic.

Details Edit

Name: Yan

Race: Pryconian

Gender: Male

Age: 10 (Bottled Water), 23 (current), born 153rd day of 961A1

Profession: Servant (formerly), temple magister, Imperial Army armed-magic soldier

Description: Yan is a very normal-looking Pryconian male, standing at 5'11" with a toned, athletic build. His fur is a pale, slate gray, whereas his markings and hair are a chocolate brown. His eyes are usually a shade of deep purple (the sign of an individual with a strong magic aura), but due to his self-limitations and dampening they appear a pale blue. Yan's clothes are typically just a simple vest and loose pants, decorated white and blue (the colours of the Temple), though is also seen in his full tabard dress in occasion.

Original Creator: Stevie Holland

Statistics Edit

Strength: 47 Unlike most magic-users, Yan's natural talent has permitted him the luxury of time to train his body to a competent level. While he's no tough guy, he's at least above average.

Endurance: 33 He's never really needed to push himself very long or far, magic serving as whatever defense is needed.

Intellect: 63 Smarter than the norm, but no genius; Yan has an acute learning potential if nothing else.

Willpower: 23 A lifetime of brainwashing and doctrine have left Yan weak-willed and easily broken, but things have rarely gotten that far.

Personability: 76 Yan is extremely good at getting what he wants out of people in the most calm and hassle-free manner possible... that isn't to say he's "nice", but rather "persuasive".

Aptitude: 94 Through extenuating circumstances, followed by a strict and controlled training routine, Yan is the most powerful magic-user at the Temple's disposal, and likely the most powerful in the nation.

Reflexes: 64 Yan's "Golden Rule" of combat... avoiding a hit is better than taking a hit. As such, he's bent his physical training towards athletics and evasion rather than power.

History Edit

Yan was born as the child of two Pryconian slaves, under the heel of their Reptus masters. Before he even turned one year of age, both his parents were sold on while Yan was given to a high-ranking politician named Tressk; there he became the favoured "pet" of Tressk's wife Ssyrn.

He was raised under a strict indoctrination program, utilizing a magically-powered control collar that suppressed his own magical aura and caused intolerable (but harmless) pain every time Yan acted against his masters' wishes. As a result, for the first ten years of his life, Yan believed himself to be a perfectly happy servant of his mistress Ssyrn. However, when he turned ten, the household had since taken on two new servants: a pair of freshly-caught Lutras named Braye and Ari, the latter of which began to steal Ssyrn's attention and displace Yan's position as the favourite. Jealous and angry, Yan began doing all he could to try and remain in the limelight and make the Lutras look bad, but it was all in vain.

Eventually, Ari and Braye managed to formulate a plan to escape, and out of pity tried to take Yan with them. With his indoctrination so strong, they had to subdue him and smuggle him from the Broken Isles against his will and back to the Pryconian Empire. There, he was handed over to the Temple of Donacles to begin his recovery from a decade of control. The first thing the priests there attempted to do was remove his collar, which proved to be no issue... but with unexpected side-effects. Yan had never been without his control collar for more than an hour at a time (when being cleaned, fixed or replaced) for almost his entire life, and this had had a "weighted training clothes" effect on his own magical ability. With the collar, his own body had adjusted enough that he was roughly as proficient as any other normal person, but without the collar, Yan's magical ability slowly began to peak and skyrocket past master levels; the priests had not foreseen this, and within a few hours of the collar's removal, Yan lost control of his own abilities and destroyed an entire wing of the temple.

The next eight years of his life were spent training hard under the most skilled magisters of the Temple to both break his indoctrination, and learn how to control the vast well of magic he held. The latter was a matter of time and dedication, but the former was proving all but impossible; Yan could not break the ruling to "obey his master"... and so the priests had an idea. Along with his magical training, they taught him the ways of their faith, and to accept Donacles as his "master". They also took his control collar (while he was still wearing it) and changed the enchantment to no longer cause him pain when he disobeyed, but rather to cut off his magic entirely. The priests and magisters had done it; they now had a perfectly trained magical prodigy who would lose all his powers if he ever did anything that opposed the Temple's teachings. He was the perfect tool.

Yan has since grown to be a productive, free-thinking member of the Temple, trained in both powerful magics and simple swordplay for self-defense. While he has yet to be "used" by the priests who raised and trained him, the potential has always been there... and Yan has been very much aware of it, playing along but never planning to become their tool. Today he acts as a Divine Magister - a mage guard to his order.

Personality Edit

Yan's a rather odd person by most standards. Whether as a result of his upbringing, or in spite of it, he has developed several personality traits that make him an intimidating figure for most. He is almost never seen without a calm, unflinching smile on his face, and has to be pushed hard to even think of raising his voice or speaking out of place; he is well-mannered, well-spoken, and a very trustworthy figure... difficult to read, and doubly difficult to lie to. Nobody's quite sure what lies under this seemingly "perfect" facade, but most prefer not to ask, and the ones who do don't get much of an answer. At best Yan will answer, "I am but myself. This is enough."

At a measure of his morals and beliefs, Yan is a devout follower of Donacles and believes that law, order, and peace are what's most important, as they maintain the staus quo and keep everything rolling as they should (a crude summary; Yan's own views root themselves much deeper than this, and would take several pages to fully explain). While not adverse to adopting light shades of gray in his line of work (lying when justified, enlisting the aid of a thief to catch a killer, &c) in the pursuit of the greater good, he'll never tolerate an outright unlawful or otherwise "evil" act.

Misc Edit

  • Yan is left-handed.
  • Though not in the definition of hating or fearing, Yan is homophobic, believing that a non male-female relationship just isn't "how it's meant to be". He can and will be vocal about this, but otherwise won't act to stop people from exploring such a lifestyle - it is, in his eyes, their mistake to make and all he can do is tell them what he believes.
  • Yan's first appearance was as a side character in the story Bottled Water, and his finished "adult" version has been a pet project of his creator, intended for a future story.
  • His magical aptitude is so great, Yan can actually see and measure the magical power of any object or person he sees, and using this skill is capable of mimicking any spell they cast simply by watching.

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