The Age of Gods Edit

The first age of Aesira, one of immeasurable length. It is during this time that the three original gods, Aureus, Naga and Ralthos created and warred over the new world, making it what it is today. This age also saw the birth of many other gods and a large majority of the races on the world.

The Forming YearsEdit

  • Aureus creates Tarrea, Ralthos creates Xiovi and Naga creates (and soon abandons) the Sa'ern. Life first appears on Aesira, albeit slowly and with a long way to go.
  • Aureus claims the land, Naga claims the sea, and Ralthos claims the sky. The sun and moon are created, along with day, night, weather, and the energy of magic. This is considered the true founding of the world.
  • Tarrea raises the Grand Oak, and its creation causes the first plant life to spring up across land and sea.
  • Tarrea gives birth to the first Bento. Ralthos and Xiovi have their children: Panathaes, Lynx, Cheetah, Lion, and The Lady.

The Shaping Years Edit

  • The Grand Oak is felled, and the Bento race proper begins their expansion across the continent of Mythos.
  • The gods begin their war for territory. In an act of "flag planting", the Hespero and Feline races are created, splitting the eastern continent of Menes in two.
  • Aureus and Tarrea bear their two sons, Karushen and Pasca, adding two further Hespero sub-races in the process.
  • The war between the Hespero and Feline nations begins, forming Tor and the Coalition. In the crossfire, the White Mountain is destroyed, forming the Angels Desert.
  • Naga attempts to cut off the two warring nations from the rest of Aesira, and so raises the Rising Reef, making it impossible to move east of Menes and the Isles, or west of Mythos and Arcana.

The Closing Years (est. 10,000yrs)Edit

  • Naga manipulates The Lady, using her greed for power to trick her into killing Ralthos, who becomes the Spirits in his death.
  • Naga manipulates Lion, tricking him into raping Tarrea, resulting in the goddess falling pregnant.
  • A mortal general unites the mixed Hespero and Feline tribes upon the unclaimed lands of Menes. Upon his death he joins with the Spirit of Law and Xiovi ascends them to become Donacles. The Pryconian Empire is formed on the northern Isles.
  • The Spirit of Fertility is ascended to godhood by Tarrea to become Taidu. The Ye'en are created.
  • Tarrea finally gives birth to the Nameless, who is shunned from the pantheon by Aureus' will. Through Tarrea's persuasion, Taidu takes in the Nameless, and together they create the Dingo.

The First Age Edit

The First Age is the age of mortals; when the gods back off from their direct manipulations of the mortal world.

26A1 Edit

  • Tarrea takes her revenge upon Naga, supposedly slaying him. Naga's fall results in the creation of the Reptus, and his hiding below World's Heart.

119A1 Edit

  • The Pryconian Empire takes the entire Isles region. The ruling family consolidates power, making the title of Emperor hereditary.
  • The Spirit of Fire notices the potential in the Empire, and so forms the Fire Cult and begins his cycle of mortal reincarnation.

766A1 Edit

  • The otters of Menes are bestowed with sentience and humanoid form by the Ocean Spirit.

959A1 Edit

  • The god Taidu willingly falls from divinity and is conceived as a mortal. Ohazi takes his place shortly thereafter.

971A1 Edit