The youngest child of Ralthos and Xiovi, and currently one of the three Elder Gods (alongside Aureus and Tarrea). The Lady - a title in context with nobility, rather than simply gender - is the patron of the Doma, the Coalition pantheon, and acts of underhanded selfishness. She is depicted as a tall, slender Doma woman, with black fur and decked in the most extravogant of clothes, usually holding her symbols: a dagger, and the All-Seeing Eye.

History and Current StatusEdit

The Lady's position as a god was minimal for the longest time. Overshadowed by her four elder brothers, and in a time when she still bore her real name, she did little more than assist her family in whatever they engrossed themselves with. Her mother and father gave her the most duties to attend to, but her brothers were always looking for someone to attend to business they had no desire for.


She demands nothing specific of her followers, but instead unwavering fealty; one is expected to do as they are commanded, not because it is right, but because it is their duty as one of her followers. Those who disobey are punished, though the exact manner and severity and methods of punishment usually depend on the order that was disobeyed. In this sense she is also seen as the patron of power, birthright and dictatorship (especially when all three are in tandem).


The Lady is worshiped in two senses: firstly, as the patron creator of the Doma and leader of the Coalition race. In this light, she is shown as wise and calculating, and is praised by nigh every devout member of the Coalition. Secondly, she is worshiped as an underhanded matron of assassins, thieves and spies, as well as contract mercenaries.


Relations With Other DeitiesEdit