The Empire, or the Pryconian Empire, is the largest and most successful civilization on Aesira, sporting a population in the hundreds of thousands. The Empire boasts the most powerful economic and military forces on the planet, as well as a rich, long-standing history and culture.

History Edit

The Empire's official beginnings span back to roughly seven thousand years prior to the First Age (making it roughly eight millennia old at an estimate) with the founding of the colony Prycon. At the time a population of refugees of the Hespero-Coalition war lead by the mortal avatar of Donacles, within the span of one hundred years they were transformed into what is now known as the Pryconian race, named for their home. After the mortal Donacles' return to godhood, the people of Prycon elected their first leader, Nihil Sacarus (his name meaning "no equals"). Within three hundred years, Nihil and his descendants helped to expand the initial settlement into a strong, sprawling city and several sattelite settlements, the total population of which stood at an estimate of over six thousand individuals

Population Edit

A census recently confirmed that the total population of the Empire spans somewhere above two hundred and five thousand. Over two hundred thousand of those citizens are Pryconians, but the other five thousand or so are a mix of Lutras, Felines, and even Hespero. The Lutras are, for all intents and purposes, legal members of the Empire (though not under mandate to follow laws and traditions that conflict with their own beliefs), so their entire population was included within the census - roughly just under seven hundred.

An estimated ten percent of the Empire's citizenship live in colonies outside of their main populous; settlements on the smaller landmass of the Isles continent - Sacar - and the northern Menes coastline, as well as the few islands pockmarked between.

Culture Edit

Predictably, the Empire follows the overall ideals of the Pryconian race and their progenitor and patron Donacles. As a matter of faith, belief, or simply just tradition, their society revolves around a strict doctrine of laws and regulations that, as the Pryconians put it, "keep the order".