Shima by Zelda

Shima, by zelda. The pouches on her belt hold ritualism components.

Details Edit

Name: Shima (shee-mah)

Race: Ye'en

Gender: Female

Age: 24, born 43rd day of 960A1

Profession: Ritualist

Description: Shima is rather delicate by Ye'en standards, not skinny per se but nonetheless on the small side, standing 5'7" (small for them) and fairly thin. Unlike most Ye'en, she has grown her hair long, down to halfway between the small of her back and her shoulders (chest-length). Her face and soft brown eyes express wisdom and kindness, but also an undertone of sadness.

Original Creator: Si

Statistics Edit

Strength: 27 Shima is a runt, at least by Ye'en standards, and she knows it, so she has never had much interest in physical pursuits over mental ones.

Endurance: 33 Shima can focus her mind almost all day on a single task without even realizing it until it is done, but as far as physical endurance goes, she has always had to take things easy.

Intellect: 72 She has thousands of years of knowledge and experience to draw on, though she does not know it, and has occasional glimpses of tremendous insight, but she is always plagued by forgetfulness. If nothing else, she learns (and tends to forget) quickly.

Willpower: 92 Her comparative quietness hides a determination that is nearly unshakeable, and many a Ye'en, Dingo, and even White One has been surprised by how committed to her beliefs she is.

Personability: 77 While Shima relates fairly well to almost everyone and often reaches out to the depressed and lonely, there is no mistaking that she has her own depression and loneliness she is hiding.

Aptitude: 89 She took to Ritualism as if it were second nature not long after she started learning about it, so much so that her tribe's ritualist took her as a second apprentice.

Reflexes: 31 Shima's lack of physical development as well as her tendency to focus intently on only one thing at a time cause her to be rather slow to react to threats.

History Edit

Even as a child, Shima was unusually wise and mature for her age, and also very concerned for the welfare of others. She showed an interest, and later great aptitude, in Ritualism as soon as she had become old enough to learn about the various roles adults take in the tribe, and became one of the youngest ritualists in the tribe's memory. While she has earned quite a bit of admiration, she is also regarded with uncertainty and sometimes suspicion: it is simply not normal for a Ye'en to have the faint vibe of sadness that lingers about her. It is for this reason that few Ye'en have attempted to court her, and only two, her longtime friends Koro and Massi, have struck up mutual romantic interest.

The truth, though, is much more complicated than a vague feeling of angst. Shima is in fact one of the incarnations of Taidu, but while in the past Taidu took on a seemingly mortal life to simply be among his people, as time went on, Taidu felt increasingly lonely; he loved and was loved by his people, but for all the mates he had taken in his mortal lives, he had no true romantic companions. In the year 959A1, Taidu finally decided to take a new approach to relieving his sense of isolation. The next year, as he had done before, he was reborn as a seemingly ordinary Ye'en, but this time, he left all his divine power in the hands of his avatars to live as mortal a life as he could: he (now she) had only faint memories of her time as a god.

Personality Edit

Shima is a very atypical Ye'en in that she is usually somewhat withdrawn, often appearing lost in thought. This is not to say that Ye'en cannot be contemplative, but to be like that as often as Shima is (sometimes even going so far as to seem distant and depressed) in a culture with such close interpersonal relationships as the Ye'en have marks her as both curious and strange. The great irony is that she chose this life to try to seek out a romantic companion, yet she cannot truly fit in no matter how hard she tries, and while she does not remember her choice, it is nonetheless the most direct cause of her feeling distant. Despite this, she always displays a parental interest in her tribe and even for the occasional outsider Ye'en and Dingo they meet, keeping a sympathetic, level-headed and hopeful attitude and striving to always do her best to provide for everyone even at the cost of her own well-being; when she was younger, one elderly member of her tribe told her that she had a very wise old motherly spirit, and as she grew up that only became truer.

The main reason for Shima's sagacious personality is that despite leaving all her divine power behind, Shima did not completely abandon her memories (and by extension her identity); while she cannot consciously recall any of her experiences as Taidu (and indeed has no idea that she is Taidu), everything Taidu experienced over the years remains with her. Needless to say, even if she could remember it, this is an enormous amount of information for such a newly limited mind. While this almost always manifests as absentmindedness, feelings of déjà vu, and strange dreams, Shima always gives off the impression of mentally being much older than she is.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Shima, in many ways, no longer considers herself to have the identity of Taidu. As such, if she reclaims her godhood, she intends to gradually, over the course of generations, change her representation in the Ye'en race to match her current name and personality.