Ryle's passion for magical experimentation has led to her gaining an astounding array of strange creatures and plants.

Plants Edit

Rattrap Edit

One of her simpler experiments, the Rattrap is the result of her adjusting the makeup of a Venus Flytrap. It has wide, fern-like leaves that lay along the ground, and a single sweet-smelling and stunningly red flower in the middle. When something touches the center of the leaves, though, they snap shut; the long, thin parts of the leaves are actually tough grasping tendrils. They cling to their prey as it decomposes, using those nutrients to feed itself. Rather than the insects of the original Flytrap, the Rattrap is big enough to trap small lizards or mammals, such as the eponymous rat.

Paintpots Edit

The Paintpot plants are carnivorous species similar to Pitcher Plants, and while not a magical experiment per se, they are a unique application of local vegetation. The Paintpots use a sort of symbiogenesis defensive mechanism: in their early stages of growth, they bond with a nearby plant or other stationary object, taking on their color as camouflage. Once fully-grown, they have a broad stem that supports a pitcher-like structure with a broad leaf at the top. Inside the pitcher, it produces a thick, sweet-smelling sap that is intended to lure insects for food. Unlike regular Pitcher Plants, though, their camouflage production dyes this sap in the color that the rest or the plant is. It is this feature that Ryle makes use of: when she plants a new one, she gives it something brightly-colored to bond with, and once the plant is mature, she can harvest the sap and water it down to make effective paints and dyes of that color.

Meat Tree Edit

The Meat Tree is an interesting specimen, made for both utility and as an early experiment in the combination of plant and animal matter. It looks like a medium-to-large apple tree, and it grows small, round, red fruit. However, inside the peel of the fruit is high-grade protein instead, similar to tender muscle tissue. This is one way that Ryle gets food for her various creations and herself.

Animals Edit

Pillow Edit

Pillow was based on a parasite from Coalition lands, small, soft creatures that cling to trees and leach off their nutrients. When Ryle got her hands on one, though, it struck ideas, and she proceeded to modify and create her own version. After much magical tinkering, she wound up with a soft, plushy pinkish-white thing she named Pillow. Internally, the creature is incredibly simple. It has little more than soft, thick skin and enough muscles to move around a bit. It doesn't eat anything, but instead absorbs ambient magic. Some of this energy it uses to power its body. The rest, though, is used to power a strong and self-sustaining Healing Magic spell. Healing Magic is a magic that reinforces the natural laws of one's body, and as Pillow has extremely few laws in its body, a very small amount of that magic can take a very strong hold on those laws. The end effect is that Pillow is almost completely invincible, and immortal. Any sort of damage or harm that it might take is instantly rectified and removed by its innate Healing Magic. Its biological laws cannot be broken, period. However, due to that very simplicity, it can do little more than sit where you put it, curl up against anything that touches it, and purr at you.

Other Edit

Eyepalm Edit

One of her crowning achievements, the Eyepalm was her first wholly-successful attempt at crossing plant with animal. The Eyepalm stands about six feet tall on a palm-like trunk, with palm leaves ringing the top. Just below the leaves, however, there is one large eyeball, with bark-like lids. The plant is fully alive, and while rooted in place, its trunk is very mobile, allowing it to bend and turn. It's also actually intelligent enough to be trained; Ryle mounted a bell near it, and trained the Eyepalm to ring the bell whenever it sees someone other than her.