Ryle in all her painted glory, by Nate Wallis

Details Edit

Name: Ryle (pronounced Rye-lee)

Race: Lutras

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Profession: Sorceress

Description: Atypically small even for a Lutras, Ryle stands at a diminuitive 3'5". Her sleek fur is a creamy gold, and her eyes are a vivid purple, reflecting her incredibly high attunement to the magical forces. Like most Lutras, she has very little use for clothing, and she doesn't come into contact with anyone from a species that insist on them, so she's usually without a stitch on her. However, she's developed a liking for painting her fur, and its natural creamy color is criss-crossed with multicolored designs.

Original Creator: Nate Wallis

Statistics Edit

Strength: 22 The Lutras aren't a particularly strong race on average, and her diminuitive stature doesn't help much there.

Endurance: 34 She's a little more fragile than most, partially because of her smaller size.

Intellect: 82 She has the Lutras natural problem-solving intellect, and then some. She's downright brilliant, when she puts her mind to something.

Willpower: 17 She's extremely flighty sort, and she's got a sort of all-or-nothing attention span: either she's completely focused on what she's doing, or she's easily distracted and diverted.

Personability: 54 She's an earnest and friendly sort, but the odd (and sometimes risky) nature of her work - along with her enthusiasm for it - tends to give people a "Just back away slowly, don't make eye contact..." sort of feel.

Aptitude: 93 She has an incredible amount of magical talent, even without any kind of formal training or instruction.

Reflexes: 41 She's a little slow for a Lutras, but that's still about average for anyone else.

History Edit

Ryle was the daughter of a fisher on one of the Lutras floating villages, but the planned journey into her father's career was pre-empted when they saw the brightness of her eyes; even the small village knew what that signified.

She took quickly to the magical arts, and she showed a real knack for it even at an early age. She particularly enjoyed testing the limits of what she could and couldn't do with her power, and even more so her attempts to do things that no one had ever seen before, though it could often land her in trouble.

As she grew older, her natural talent blossomed, and she reached levels of skill that often took decades of studies for others to master, and in several different kinds of magic as well. However, she wasn't known for being terribly careful with that magic, despite her enthusiasm. She definitely meant well, but after accidentally setting the village on fire one or two times too many, it was agreed that it might be best for everyone if she left the village.

She didn't take it personally, understanding that having to watch out for the others in the village would make it harder to do what she wanted, and on her own, she wouldn't have to worry about accidentally hurting anyone else, so she caught a ride on the next trading ship their village met and headed for the mainland of the Pryconian Empire.

Once she hit the mainland, she spent almost a year wandering the Pryconian Empire, including a three-month stay in the town of Lastor. She became rather well-known for her magical prowess, but also gained a reputation for being a little... strange. She excelled at performing magics for people who needed them, but after a few months, grew a little uncomfortable in the somewhat rigid Pryconian Society, so she headed out again, to explore the wilderness of the Empire.

Deep in the heart of one of the wild forests, she happened upon an old, abandoned stone tower. Intrigued by the sudden discovery, she worked her way into the structure and set out to explore it. Inside, she found a small vulpegryph, migrated from Arcana, who was living in one of the lower rooms. She was fascinated by the creature, not knowing that the gryphon was a native species to another land and thinking it to have somehow been mutated from the local fauna.

The small vulpegryph, believed to be a mutation, gave Ryle a burst of inspiration: if such a beneficial mutation might happen by accident, what could happen if there was someone to inspire and direct it? She needed some place to work, so she began cleaning the tower up, and making the space suitable for her new career: magical experimentation.

Personality Edit

Ryle is a very enthusiastic Lutras, with a rather all-or-nothing attention span. If she's focused on something, it's got her whole attention, but when she's not doing something, she's very flighty and easily-distracted. She has a warm but absent-minded demeanor. She's quick to take someone as a friend, but being a friend often also means getting pulled into her experiments as an assistant, which can often deter the less-courageous.

One of her biggest points of interest is the magical experiments she runs; while performing delicate tests, she can become completely absorbed in her work and almost completely unconcerned with the outside world. The process of the experiment is the most important part, to her. The results are not nearly as important as the experience of performing it. As such, she rarely has planned goals, and isn't discouraged if something doesn't turn out right, but is often thrilled by the unpredictable successes that come.

Misc Edit

  • Unlike many Lutras, she has a comprehension of money (if not of what people spend it on), learned during her stay in the Empire. However, she never quite got the hang of clothes, even while she lived in Lastor.
  • She has a rather odd sense of humor, and it often comes into play naming her creations. In particular, the little vulpegryph that inspired her, still kept as a pet, is named Experiment.
  • The painted marks on her body naturally wear off, and when they do, she paints new ones in their place as she feels. The mark on the back of her left hand is the only one that she keeps the same, and she thinks of it as her personal symbol.
  • Due to her incredible natural talent, she has the ability to see magical auras and judge the power of any object or person she can see. She can study the auras of magic as it's cast as well, and can replicate spells from sight alone.
  • Ryle's magical talents spans many of the magical schools. She has a natural affinity for water magic, and with that as a base, she has gotten a strong grip on all the schools of Elemental magic, and this extends to a skill with Energy magic as well. In her year among the Pryconians, she also learned much of Healing and Illusory magic, using her aura sight to learn those spells by mimicry. She also has an astounding amount of control over Arcane magic, due to her ludicrously high Affinity, and she often surprises others by doing advanced magic like teleportation on a mere whim. She doesn't know about Necromantic magic, however, and she shares the Lutras' atheistic view, and thus cannot use Divine magic either.
  • While studying in her tower, she happened by chance to discover the basics of Ritualistic magic in her attempts to get magical effects that weren't covered by the other schools. She paints intricate patterns on the sacrifices as her way of focusing her natural magic powers into the object.

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