Details Edit

Name: Rin

Race: Lutras

Gender: Male

Age: 27, born 14th day of 957A1

Profession: Captain

Description: A rather typical example of his race, Rin is 4'2" in height and well-built. His fur is the same neutral gold that is common for his race, and his eyes are a green-blue shade that resembles shallow ocean. His one defining feature is a scar running down the right side of his muzzle, from the bridge to the lip, which gives him a very grizzled and serious look. Unlike most Lutras, Rin adopted the habit of wearing clothes rather quickly, and is most often seen sporting a pair of tight linen shorts and a loose, open vest, though colours often vary (he has a rather broard wardrobe compared to other members of his race). When on land, or spending extended periods out of water, he will also wear a bandana on his head to keep the sun off.

Original Creator: Stevie Holland

Statistics Edit

Strength: 52 Hauling ropes, shifting cargo, and spending long periods out of water have strengthened Rin's muscles above the norm for a member of his kind.

Endurance: 35

Intellect: 39

Willpower: 62

Personability: 40

Aptitude: 78

Reflexes: 82

History Edit

Rin was born into a large (relatively speaking) village, bordering along a Pryconian shipping route, and floating above a very rich coral reef. Merchant ships would come by, and offer the Lutras things in trade for corals, pearls, rare fish and the like. For many years (at least as long as Rin could remember), it was a mutually beneficial relationship for the two parties. However, the merchants' demands began to grow larger and larger, as the goods they sold gained popularity; some ships would come and demand an entire cargo's worth of things from the reef. Rin's father, the leader of the village, eventually refused to continue the exchange, not wanting to rip up the entire reef just to serve the merchants' greed. [To Be Continued]

Personality Edit

Compared to the more flighty and free-spirited nature of his race, Rin is a very serious individual. Captaining his ship, an effective mobile village, has taught him that you sometimes need to be cold, distant and rational for the sake and others. Quiet, brooding and calculating, Rin has nonetheless retained his sense of humour and more often than not has a sarcastic quip ready for every eventuality, helped in no small part by the Lutras' quick mind. It takes a while to earn him as a friend, but a short lifespan and a constant need to find allies among the enemies have left Rin with a sense of perspective and the ability think ahead, so a grudge won't often be held for long.

Misc Edit

  • As well as his own native tongue, Rin speaks the Pryconian and Coalition languages fluently, though with a definite accent.
  • Rin's magical ability (specifically in the Elemental school) exceeds most Lutras, allowing him to use limited abilities beyond his natural water magic.

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