Ralthos is the tiger god of the sun, light, life, and spirits. Often portrayed as a wise old man with a perfectly-polished mirror under his arm, or simply a non-bipedal Tiger curled into a circle within the symbol of a sun or bright star.

History and Current StatusEdit

Ralthos was one of the original three gods, and considered the balancing force of the three. With Aureus valuing personal freedoms and Naga valuing his own gain of power at the expense of those freedoms, Ralthos' influence was that of a middle man, showing that both power and freedom can exist side-by-side without canceling each other out. During the Age of Gods he claimed the sky as his realm, and created the sun to mark it, and to shine its light upon the domains of the other two gods: the land and the sea. Naga grew resentful of this, and descended into the depths of the sea, where he made it impenetrable by Ralthos' light. Aureus, meanwhile, decided to fight back, and so created the moon from the stone of the White Mountain. Since the moment the moon was created, it has been eternally chasing Ralthos' sun across the sky, thus creating day and night.

Once all borders had been laid out and the world had settled into a calm, the three gods began to grow suspicious of each other. Naga schemed silently in his lightless realm, while Aureus took yet more stone from the White Mountain and carved from it his now-wife and then-bodyguard, Tarrea, whom he brought to life with a kiss. This was taken by Ralthos to be preparation for an attack, and so he did the unthinkable: he enlisted Naga's help. In exchange for a shred of his power, Ralthos requsted that Naga bring him a block of stone from the White Mountain. And so he did, and so Ralthos gave Naga his promised power. Once the serpent god had left, Ralthos then proceeded to carve the stone as he saw fit; building upon perfection, he first carved it in his image, and then made it feminine, more beautiful and serene. The Tiger then gave yet more of his power, this time to animate the statue he had created. Thus came to be the goddess Xiovi.

Ralthos and Xiovi had many children, most the namesake for a race that they would soon claim during the land wars; Lion, Panathaes, Lynx, Cheetah, and their final daughter, The Lady. Between the two of them they also created the Ralthos race.


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Even long dead, Ralthos is still a worshiped deity with a sizable following. The Tigers, along with many individuals from the other Feline sub-races, still follow Ralthos' teachings and take him as their personal patron. In addition to which, he is also still worshiped as a part of the Feline pantheon as a whole. He has no true followers outside of the Felines, though the more shamanistic Dingo and Bento can be considered such by proxy.


Since Ralthos has died, the forces that bound his realm - The Enlightened Waste - have broken apart and caused it to shatter and be reabsorbed into the aethers. Fragments remain, though few and far between, resembling a chunk of earth floating in a vast, cold void, its surface covered in warm sands from which sprout various flowers.

Relations With Other DeitiesEdit

Prior to his death, Ralthos was on neutral (though strained) terms with Aureus and his pantheon, while strongly opposed to Naga (though not above enlisting his aid). He has always loved his wife, Xiovi, and many children, including The Lady up until she stabbed him in the back.