Patron to his namesake, the Panathaes race, and to the waging of war (though warriors, specifically, are the domain of Tarrea), Panathaes is a ferocious beast of a figure. Even among the gods, he stands over a head tall above the rest with a powerful, muscular body, four crushing arms, piercing red eyes and a body of such a deep black that the surface seems to shift and writhe like a bed of snakes... the only thing that breaks his image is a collar of beautiful, polished silver that hangs around his neck, never to be removed.

History and Current StatusEdit

The first son of Ralthos and Xiovi, Panathaes was quickly drafted into the role of guardian for his parents. He wasn't always the beast he was today, but instead tempered to become it: he was raised to be strong, with a brilliant mind and piercing tongue; the perfect warrior. And he was. He filled his role wonderfully, fighting off the efforts of all who might attack his family. And when the day came, when the gods each brought life to Aesira, Matthies saw that his own children, the Panathaes Clans, would stand as guardians to the rest.

However, when the terrible day came when his own sister, now to be known only as the Lady, stabbed their father in the back and slew him, Panathaes felt only shame, regret and self-loathing. It was his duty to protect his sire, and yet he had still fallen; that he didn't foresee his own sister's betrayal was not unavoidable, it was his fault. His mistake. And his negative emotions slowly took him over, warping his form into what it is now - no longer sane, no longer a noble guardian, but a berserker.

His current existence is a sad one. As his own punishment upon himself, Panathaes signed himself over into his sister's service, becoming her weapon and tool, and as a sign of this obligation hangs around his neck a silver collar, crafted by the Lady herself. It will not come off, and he will not be freed from his charge, until she is slain by anybody but him.




Relations With Other DeitiesEdit