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The former spirit of perfection and now the usurper of Taidu's godhood after the position was vacated, Ohazi is the new god of the Ye'en and, shortly after his ascension, his own favored race the White Ones.

While Ohazi appears as a male White One, unlike his creations, Ohazi is more of Ye'en dimensions than those of a White One, possibly as a result of him not having sufficient control over Taidu's power to change his appearance more than to mirror his favored race. His comparatively small size belies his confident and condescending attitude, as his piercing, almost constantly scowling gaze attests.

Ohazi's symbol is a jawless hyena skull (more accurately, a jawless Ye'en skull, meaning it could be inferred to be that of a Ye'en or White One).

History and Current StatusEdit

After Ralthos's murder, Ohazi was one of the countless spirits that were spawned as a result of his death. Like so many of the other spirits, Ohazi drifted the mortal world, seeking out and aiding those who believed in the ideal he represented. While Ohazi represented the ideal of perfection, the ambition and drive for improvement required to attain such an ideal was not lost to him, and over time, he became increasingly hostile to those whose ideals did not resonate with his.

As soon as he ascended, Ohazi, like every deity before him, created a new race in his image, the White Ones. He also banished Taidu's Avatars to Aesira and imprisoned them so that he could continue to draw from their power, as well as to keep his own divine power more secure from other deities.

Ohazi originally felt no more hostile towards the Ye'en than he did towards anyone else; the circumstances of his rise to power, however, gave him the perfect race to sacrifice in his pursuit of perfection. His current goal is to build the White Ones' numbers enough to have them launch an attack on Ye'en and overtake the continent: just as he saw weakness in the divine power structure and exploited it, he desires that his people do the same to his predecessor's perceived inferior creations. He will subjugate as many Ye'en as are feasibly possible, more to continue to increase the White Ones' numbers than for anything like manual labor, but never so many that in the event of an uprising his people will be threatened. Besides, while one component of his dogma is that the powerful dominate the weak, complacency by relying too much on others to do one's work is a quick route back to weakness.


The powerful survive, the weak do not; this simple maxim is the center of Ohazi's philosophy. Those who do not wish to be dominated by the strong had best find ways to overcome them and thus become strong themselves. "Strength," in Ohazi's philosophy, does not necessarily translate to having a powerful body: he has a much more generalized concept of strength that encompasses many aspects of the ideal, such as mental, spiritual, and economic power.


Only the White Ones worship Ohazi as himself. He is unknown for whom and what he really is outside their small culture, but his influence is felt throughout Ye'en and the Silver Isles. The Dingo feel him as an unsettling and unexplained presence in their spiritual culture, as do the Ye'en to a lesser extent. A rare few Ye'en, in fact, have felt his influence enough that they have unknowingly begun to worship him and not Taidu.


Being so new to divinity and so preoccupied with his interests in the mortal world, Ohazi has had little time to reshape Taidu's realm to one more of his liking.

Occupying Ohazi's divine home is a harem of one woman from every race and subrace in the world, save the Sa'ern and Seaborn. It is to the White One in this harem to whom he, needless to say, feels the most fondness, but ultimately all of them are trophies to him.

Relations With Other DeitiesEdit

Ohazi has no true allies among the other deities, and given enough time, every deity can and will be his enemy. The only god with whom he has at least a cool alliance is Naga, and even then they have more of a "you scratch my back I scratch yours" relationship and know better than to ever truly trust each other.

Of course, Ohazi's enmity with Taidu, now Shima, is strong enough that it warrants particular mention. Ohazi is busy enough with his plans for the White Ones that he is content to let her live her life as a mortal, for when she dies, her spirit comes under his control and he has dire plans for her. But if he ever learns Shima wishes to take back her divine position, he will openly plot against her: after all, despite being a mortal now, she is potentially his greatest threat.