History and Current StatusEdit

Naga was one of the original three gods, eternal and without origins, and considered the most power-hungry and an implacable schemer. With Aureus valuing personal freedoms and Ralthos trying to show that freedom and individuality can coexist, Naga was the one most concerned with himself. During the Age of Gods, when Ralthos claimed the sky as his realm and created the sun to mark it, Naga grew resentful of this, and descended into the depths of the sea, where Ralthos's light would never shine.

Once all borders has been laid out and the world had settled into a calm, the three gods began to grow suspicious of each other. Naga schemed silently in his lightless realm, while Aureus took yet more stone from the White Mountain and carved from it his now-wife and then-bodyguard, Tarrea, whom he brought to life with a kiss. This was taken by Ralthos to be preparation for an attack, and so he did the unthinkable: he enlisted Naga's help. In exchange for a shred of his power, Ralthos requsted that Naga bring him a block of stone from the White Mountain. And so he did, and so Ralthos gave Naga his promised power. Once the serpent god had left, Ralthos then proceeded to carve the stone as he saw fit; building upon perfection, he first carved it in his image, and then made it feminine, more beautiful and serene. The Tiger then gave yet more of his power, this time to animate the statue he had created. Thus came to be the goddess Xiovi.

Unfortunately for Ralthos, Naga saw this sign of weakness in Ralthos spreading himself too thin, and he found the perfect ear in which to whisper in The Lady. Telling the already power-hungry Domestic exactly what she needed to hear to push her to violence, The Lady murdered her father. With that done, Naga turned his eyes on Aureus. First, he would have to take down his guard Tarrea. Lion was enamored with Tarrea, so Naga acted the part of string-puller in the young Lion's mind. Lion successfully seduced Tarrea, disguised as Aureus with Naga's illusions, and then managed to rape her (which incidentally created The Nameless God). Naga assumed Tarrea would be too hurt, both physically and mentally, to protect Aureus, so he made his attack, which turned out to be his first, and last, mistake in an otherwise perfectly formulated plan, as Tarrea's ire fell squarely on him, and she killed him...or thought she had. The pieces left over from the body that was thrown to the ocean became the Reptus, and since then Naga has been slowly healing and sulking at the bottom of the ocean.




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