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Bottled Water


A species of tree native to the continent of Arcana. It stands at roughly eight feet tall, with its branches spanning out to about twelve feet across; its trunk and branches are thin but hardy, bending very easily and far before snapping, and are covered in a light, golden-coloured bark that flakes off when rubbed or struck too roughly, and its many leaves are a vivid crimson shade and spade-shaped. The tree's most notable feature is its fruit - as a defense mechanism, almost all of the nutrients are stored within the trunk, with only the barest amount in the leaves and fruit. However, the rounded, teardrop-shaped fruits are thick-skinned and contain a deal of almost 100% pure water, with a very naturally sweet taste to it thanks to the chemical compound the Sweetfall produces. The nutritional value is almost nil, no different from normal water, and the tree uses up only the barest resources in producing the fruit, and so animals are instantly drawn away from the delicate trunk and leaves.

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