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Details Edit

Name: Massi

Race: Ye'en

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Profession: Warrior

Description: Massi is an imposing figure, standing 6'3" tall and much more muscular than would be considered "normal" in a woman. Scars dot her body, though almost all are hidden under her fur (one on her muzzle stands out more prominently).

Statistics Edit

Strength: 76 Physical fitness has always been a top priority with warriors, and Massi is one of the strongest Ye'en in her tribe.

Endurance: 87 As hard as she hits, she can get hit even harder, as well as apply her strength for hours on end.

Intellect: 32 Massi knows much about hand-to-hand combat techniques and the basics for survival such as starting a fire and improvising shelter...and that is about all that she knows.

Willpower: 54 While she is not particularly assertive in conversation, Massi's role makes cowardice a heavy liability, and she does not scare easily.

Personability: 43 Massi does not mince words, though while she tends to be blunt, she is rarely mean.

Aptitude: 27 Magic has long been almost exclusively practiced by tribal ritualists, and with her focus on the body, Massi has little time or desire for such pursuits.

Reflexes: 42 She is not terribly quick or agile, sooner taking a hit to better land a follow-up attack than moving out of the way, but she has good hand-eye coordination, which makes grappling both on the offense and defense easier.

History Edit

Personality Edit

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Something of an ongoing joke, mostly on her companion and tribemate Koro's part, is that despite her powerful physique, some of Massi's other...feminine attributes would make her just as well suited for a more peaceful life of raising children. Such an observation usually earns little more than a glare (or in Koro's case, a not-so-gentle slap upside the head).
  • Massi's nickname comes from both her rock-solid physique and the fact that she tends to be about as subtle as a rock, though much nicer.