Details Edit

Name: Laocoon Sacarus III

Race: Pryconian

Gender: Male

Age: 87, born 897A1

Profession: Emperor

Description: Perhaps the only trait that can hide Laocoon's age is his albinism, his stark white fur preventing formerly gray and black fur from frosting white over so much time. While he carries himself with the lordly poise and personality of a Pryconian of his status, he is noticeably slower and stiffer in action (though not in word) than he used to be.

Statistics Edit

Strength: 27

Endurance: 35

Intellect: 90

Willpower: 73

Personability: 81

Aptitude: 44

Reflexes: 35

History Edit

Laocoon, like all emperors before him, inherited his position from his father as his only child, taking the role of emperor at age seventeen. His rule has been one of the more uneventful in Pryconian history, but he has in his years helped to establish stable trade with the very young-to-the-world Lutras, and sire three sons by two wives; in order of age: Simon, Laocoon, and Alexander. Of the three, Simon and Laocoon inherited the albino gene, making them eligible for succession while Alexander will fall into a position of government.

While his life may not have been too exciting or world-changing, it is the emperor's looming end that is stirring the waters; warring between his sons in debate over who will succeed the throne, political unrest as his decisions are brought into question under the subject of his age and mental state, as well as the usual government backstabbing and dirt digging that comes with every passing of the title.

Personality Edit

While time has left him in his twilight, Laocoon has a great many years of governing his empire to draw on: he maintains an air of calm brought on by having experienced almost every sort of social situation, good and bad, imaginable, giving the impression that nothing can really surprise him anymore. He always has impeccable manners and a force of personality more than making up for his frail body.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • The name "Laocoon" is taken from the ancient Greek tale of the Trojan War, wherein the Trojan priest of Neptune, Laocoön, and his two sons were devoured by sea serpents.