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Koro, by Aggro_Badger

Name: Koro, also called "Sharp Stone"

Race: Ye'en

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Profession: Hunter

Description: All things considered, Koro is a rather standard example of his kind. Just shy of six feet in height and sporting a musculature not unlike an athlete's - lean and well defined - but nothing special besides. His fur is a dark gold-brown colour marked with darker spots and a somewhat lighter chest, and there's little of note about him besides. No hair, standard brown eyes, almost a carbon-copy standard fur pattern... so Koro compensates. He wears various furs and leathers, elaborately put together and decorated, to make himself look unique, though he'll discard them for standard fare when on a hunt.

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Strength: 54 Though it's never been a high personal priority, physical aptitude is a must for every Ye'en in the day-to-day needs of living. In Koro's case, it certainly helps when you can pull a bow string back far enough and drag larger game back home.

Endurance: 71 The ability to survive is key to living, and the ability to endure is key to stalking. Koro has never forgotten these lessons in his training.

Intellect: 32 Instinct rules his actions and reactions; while Koro has mastered his art through slow and dedicated training, he's not very bright or quick to learn.

Willpower: 33 To not be seen is his method of survival... unfortunately, when he is seen, he's quick to turn tail and run.

Personability: 68 Koro is a silver-tongued devil among his kind, knowing well that the hardest prey to hunt are people. They're not to be felled by arrows, but actions.

Aptitude: 32 Magic has never been a priority of the hunters... with nigh no exceptions.

Reflexes: 77 Of all the people of his tribe, none can match (or likely will ever match) Koro's accuracy and speed. Even among other master hunters, he's not one easily bested.

History Edit

Within his family, Koro is the fourth child of eight, third son of four, all by the same two parents. And among them, he is... persistent in his shade of vanilla; neither standing out nor falling into the background. Simply one of the family, no greater or lesser than the others. His brothers and sisters have all since gone on with their own lives, and all but two have moved on to new tribes and families, and with their parents' passing not many years back, Koro's contact with his family has all but dried up. Instead, he invests himself fully into his relationships within his current tribe, particularly two women: Massi and Shima.

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  • After going on more than a few group hunts where the felling blow has been debated, Koro's taken on the habit of dying his ammo red. The shafts of his javelins decorated, his sling bullets dipped, and his arrow flights only made with red feathers.
  • Koro's nickname comes from both his skill at hunting and his clever tongue. Umi, though, has given him a nickname of her own: "Dull Stone."