Name: Inos Inos-Allara, Patch

Race: Cheetah

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Profession: Medic



Strength: 36 Physical might is a low priority for Inos personally, as well as for doctors in general - a Cheetah is only often strong if his career demands it.

Endurance: 32

Intellect: 54 Being a quick learner can get you far in the medical profession.

Willpower: 42

Personability: 56

Aptitude: 65 Inos is naturally adept with magic, having a good potential left unused by actual training. If he ever got the chance to learn, he'd excel.

Reflexes: 64 Like this one really needs to be explained; he's a Cheetah.


To come.


To come.


  • Inos never wears clothes - no exceptions. Not because of any personal or ideological reasons, but simply because they do little more for him than get in the way. Were it not for the fact that he needs them, he's even do away with his tool belts.