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For eternity there has been the universe, an infinite string of planets and stars and all manner of other things, without beginning and without end. And over the passing millennia of its existence, forces come into being and grow; one such being was Aesa, who came into existence and grew for a near-infinite span of time. Her knowledge of and influence upon the realm around Her and the realms beyond them developed to levels beyond the comprehension of mortal or god alike and soon, as all beings great or small are wont to do, She became bored. She became lonely and in need of a purpose.

Aesa chose four aspects of Herself, between them perfectly balanced: good, evil, chaos and law. And from these aspects She created three new beings, each unique, that She might converse with and observe the individual actions of. And, in turn, She would be worshiped by them, as their mother and creator. From the aspect of Good was born Ralthos, who would embody all elements of his sphere. From the aspect of Chaos was born Aureus, who would be the symbol of free will and free thought, able to think and act in ways independant of moral spin. And from the two aspects of Evil and Law was born Naga. Aesa chose to give the latter of these three powers two aspects, with the intent that they would balance one another, and each prevent the other from acting out in unforseeable ways.

For an immeasurable passage of time, the four entities were contented. Aesa taught the three gods the span of Her knowledge, or as much as their lesser minds could deal with, and they would retort, question and discuss it all in their three unique perspectives. But eventually came the point where they had learned all they could, and the tedium of existence resumed once more; while Aesa was happy to watch over and be worshipped by Her three wards, they in turn were not, and so thought between themselves to do as their progenitor had done. They would create.

Between them, the three gods found a world that showed potential to sustain existence, and they begged of Aesa to provide them with the means to manipulate it. Wishing only happiness for Her followers, Aesa raised a mountain of pure white stone (to be later known as the Koh Tor - "White Mountain") upon the world's surface that would act as a conduit for their power and influence, and through its power the three gods divided the world amongst themselves. Ralthos took the skies that encompassed all of the planet, Naga took the oceans that covered the surface (that would later come to be known as the Serpent's Ocean), and Aureus claimed the land, a strong and perfect foundation. And once all was divided fairly, the three good looked to their progenitor, and named this new world. Aesira. And with boundaries laid, Ralthos decided to create something that would mark his domain as his; stripping away a fraction of his own energy, he compressed it into a great orb of brilliance, light and warmth, and he put it in the skies over Aesira and named it the sun. Its light shon down over the domains of the other gods, and the two of them grew resentful of the intrusion.

Naga simply retreated, deepening the oceans to such an extrent that even light could not reach their lowest depths. Aureus, on the other hand, fought back; he went to the White Mountain and carved from its brilliant stone a perfect sphere - a moon he would name Altana - which he put in the sky to block out Ralthos' sun. Since that event, the two orbs have been forever chasing each other, bringing day and night to Aesira. In the millenia since, Ralthos and Aureus conflicted with one another, each arguing the huge intrustion of the other's creation, but as time passed, and under Aesa's judgement, the creation of the sun and moon in tandem became a celebrated event, and the two gods made peace. They divided day and night equally, making the cycle continuous and unbroken.

Now, Naga became ever-more resentful of his companions. The other gods had made their mark, and so now he'd have to make his... and he knew the perfect way to do that. He would create an army to guard his domain. Using the smallest fraction of his power he created exactly one thousand creatures, and scattered them across his dark domain. And once he was certain they were spread to all corners, marking the oceans as his... he left them, never again making contact or giving aid. These creatures are, today, known as the Sa'ern.

To Come: Sa'ern History

Life had come to the world, long before the other gods had intended it to. The first creatures to grace Aesira were without culture or direction, with nothing to do but simply exist. Taking pity, Aureus took a hair from his body and wove it into a lean, simple shape, made perfect for swimming. He breathed life into it, and threw it into Naga's ocean, where it multiplied without limits. He had made fish, simple things without greater thought, and passed a message to the Sa'ern that these fish were theirs to track, hunt, and feast upon as they pleased. But in exchange, they would be given hunger - a need to feed regularly, or else they would die. Preferring this to the tedium of their current existence, the Sa'ern accepted.

Naga had overstepped the line, setting things into motion far too soon; he risked destroying what they wanted, and proved that he was simply out for his own ends... the risk was unacceptable, and Aureus knew he would have to be prepared for the unpredictable. The three gods were evenly matched, and so any fighting would either end in a permanent stalemate or the deaths of all involved, so only one option made sense: he would have to tip the numbers in his favour. In silence and secrecy, Aureus went to the White Mountain and took from it a large portion of stone, as he had done when he created the moon, and brought it to a secret place beyond the sights of Ralthos and Naga. There, he slowly and carefully began to carve it into shape: every feature, every detail, right down to each individual hair. He made his creation strong and beautiful, stunning beyond all mortal comprehention, and then took it's carven lips to his own and breathed life into it. Aureus had created the first lesser god, and his wife, whose first words announced her coming.

"I am Tarrea."

The goddess' creation did not remain secret for long. Within no time, both Ralthos and Naga backed off to avoid the paired gods' wrath should they accidentally incur it, and as a result many long ages passed with a silent, strained peace. Aureus and Tarrea basked in each other's company, and the young goddess was presented before Aesa. There, Tarrea was granted the same knowledge that She had imparted onto the other gods, and given her own aspects. The four primary spheres of balance already taken, Tarrea settled for two lesser, which Aesa deigned fit for a being of strength: Mother and Warrior. The creator goddess couldn't be happier: she had a new follower to teach and to watch. The tedium was broken by this new occourance... and the change to Her mood did not go unnoticed by Ralthos. If the creation of Tarrea pleased his Mistress, then he would do the same and make Her joy twofold!

He called upon Naga's aid and begged that the serpent-dragon use his dark, vast domain to sneak past Aureus and his new wife, to steal yet another piece of the White Mountain's stone. In exchange, he offered up a portion of his strength for Naga to do with as he wished; predictably, the deal was set. At the peak of the moon's dominance, Naga crept via the waters to the White Mountain, and broke off a vast portion to return to Ralthos. Once their exchange was over, the tiger retreated somewhere private and began to carve the white stone as Aureus had. He started with what he knew to be a perfect form, his own, and then made changes; he made it feminine and beautiful in form, and tranquil and wise in expression. He worked for days and nights without rest, tirelessly perfecting his creation until he deigned her complete... and he became captivated by the beauty of what he had created. In Ralthos' eyes, she was the most lovely thing that had ever been, and so he made sure that such a sight would be his and only his. Using the final pieces of white stone he had, he crafted a mask which he placed upon the statue's face. Then, as Aureus had done, he breathed life into her with a kiss.

"You have been created unto this world, that your existence might bring joy to myself and my Mistress. Tell me, what is your name?"


The divine cast was growing, close to doubling. Aesa stood above Her three creations, the greater gods, two of which had crafted themselves wives. As had been done with Tarrea, Aesa chose to impart Her wisdom unto the newly-created Xiovi and grant the goddess a domain of her own. Looking upon the tigress' concealed face, Aesa knew what would be ideal; masks of all kinds, covers that hide the true nature of things. Darkness and the night, beauty, illusion... this decision was contested by Aureus and Tarrea, who believed that the hours of the moon's dominance belonged to its creator, but Aesa swiftly spoke them down and reminded them whose decision it was.

Relations were cordial at best from this point forward. Conquest and schemes, bolstering of ranks, making deals and working plots had left Aesira itself yet unchanged; and it was Tarrea who noticed this. She called to her husband, and had him properly examine his domain of the land. It was barren and dead, naught but rock, earth and sand, still waiting to be acted and created upon. A foundation was a vital start, but it was worthless unless then built upon. Aureus agreed with his wife, and so told her to cross the world and find a vast, flat plane, and once there she would know what to do. And so she went, and found the empty, open land - no mountains on the horizon, no rivers splitting the ground, and directly under the sun's path across the sky... it was perfect, and as she had been told, she did indeed know what to do.

Tarrea reached deep into her breast, and from within her heart removed a single seed. And there, in the barren planes of this vast land, she planted the seed under the soil.