Aesira is divided among five continents, only three of which are inhabited by a sentient race. In the north-east is the Isles region, south-east is Menes, south-west is the three-island continent of Mythos, and north-west is Arcana. Situated on the southern pole is the technical fifth continent, known as the Frostlands. Separating these five continents is a large, open sea known as the Serpent Ocean, at the very centre of which is the lone island of World's Heart - considered to be independent of the five continents, but not one in its own right.

Movement east of Menes and the Isles, or west of Mythos and Arcana, is impossible; during the Age of Gods, in order to put a dampener on the other gods' expansion efforts, Naga created the Rising Reef, which spans from the northern pole to the southern, making travel by sea impossible.

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The second inhabited continent, Menes has a very varied landscape, as well as the widest variety of inhabitant races. The southern regions are heavily forested, with mountains rising along the western coast and a small island chain from the southern. Bringing the wooded regions to an abrupt halt northward is the Angel's Desert (formed when the warring mortal races destroyed the White Mountain), which opens up into open grassland at its northern edge.

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Tor, the home country of the Hespero, is comprised of five counties. The Tarrea Deyer in the north-west is controlled by the Wolves, and the city of Al-Khaav stands as its capitol. The Aureus Deyer (the official borders of which are in line with the Ash Meheel's (see below)) in the north-east is controlled by the Jackal. The Karushen Deyer and its capitol of Vullin in the south-west belong to the Fox, and the Pasca Deyer in the south-east is Coyote land, with M'kit standing at its heart. The fifth county is left unnamed, and is comprised of a small coastal region in the south, along with the connecting Silver Isles islands - this area is controlled by the Dingo.

The nation is a very lush, green region of mostly grass and woodland, broken up by rivers, lakes and farmland (especially in the south). The western border is made up of almost nothing but unbroken mountain ranges, blocking the nation off from sea travel to the west, and the eastern border is shared with, and dusputed over, the Coalition (see below). The north is made up almost entirely of the Ash Meheel, which cuts deep into this otherwise warm-temperate region as though it doesn't belong.

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In the Age of Gods stood the White Mountain, which towered above all of the land and pierced the sky; from its stone were created the moon, Tarrea, and Xiovi. During the Hespero-Coalition wars, however, the acts of both mortal and god reduced the mountain to sand, forming the Ash Meheel, or Angel's Desert, in its place. The desert is now a vast expanse of gold-white sand, hot and near-lifeless with the exception of the region around Angel's Lake - a small inland freshwater sea. Both Canisa and the Coalition overlap into the desert, but the regions are controlled by the Jackals and Lions, respectively.

See: Ash Meheel

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