The Cerviran
Lifespan: x years
Maturity: x years
Gestation x days
Deity: n/a
Homeland: Mythos Continent: n/a
Population: ~x

Cervirans are a race of large, anthropomorphic red deer (harts) that have a culture that prizes strength, work ethic, and merchant skills. The males stand roughly between 7'4"- 8'5" on average and weighing between 690-780lbs, with women standing only 3 to 4 inches shorter than males and weighing slightly less. Males have annual antlers that can stretch to 3 feet tall but most are not so large. Both sexes are thicky and heavily muscled, with muscle and bone making up a larger percentage of bodyweight than most creatures of their size. This abundance of muscle comes from their semi-divine origin (the only other race similar to them is the Bento) as well as their culture. Their fur color is usually of a rust red with variations including more brown, red, or orange. Headfur is generally short on both males and females and usually a darker color than the body fur.



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