The Brodjir
Brodjir MehndiX
Lifespan: 60-70 years
Maturity: 15 years
Gestation 380 days
Deities: Muzske and Samice
Homeland: Frostlands Continent
Population: ~2,100

The Brodjir (broh-deer) are a large race, a typical healthy adult male standing at six and a half feet in height (though given their rather hunched posture, they'd be more around seven feet if straightened-out). They have very strong bodies, muscle borne of both their genes and temperment in the harsh environs of the Frostlands, and counting the average amount of body fat one will carry through their life, a normal Brodjir can weight as much as [XXX]lbs. Their bodies are covered in a thick, white fur that absorbs and amplifies what little sunlight there is in the Frostlands, helping to insulate their bodies, which are black-skinned undernieth, bare skin only exposed on the pads of the hands and feet, and the nose of their short-muzzled faces.

Females are just slightly shorter and slighter of build than the males, but this difference of size isn't due to lesser muscle. A female is as (and sometimes can be more) competant as a male in almost all areas of physical proficiency. Gender dimorphism beyond this isn't too blatant, but a female who is or has recently been pregnant will tend to look more clearly feminine.


[PLACEHOLDER - Origin story to come once the gods' details have been fully worked out.]

The Mage WarEdit

At one time in their history, the Brodjir were a fragmented race of dozens upon dozens of barbarian clans, each headed by the most magically proficient of their number - the clan Archmage. They used their magic to assist the clan in whatever way they could, and due to unfocused study of magic, every Archmage's powers tended to be self-taught, and so unique compared to any other. Whereas one could shift entire glaciers and shape it into a grand structure for their clan, another could heal the most grevous wounds with barely any effort.

At this period in their history, the barbarian clans would war among one another on a very regular basis. Often it was a dispute over limited resources or territorial borders, though blood feuds and grudges could linger on for generations between clans. Battle and combat were their way of life, and the arts of martial combat were taught as standard among their people. To fell your opponent with your bare hands or weapon, or to die by the hands of a superior opponent, was a thing of honour; the accepted way of their culture. As such, the concept of falling because an Archmage simply twisted his wrist and muttered some words was a terrible insult. A dishonourable death without a chance to show who was truly the superior. Nobody ever wanted to include the Archmages in battle for this reason, and so the magisters almost never saw actual combat - they saw it from afar, as a horrible, barbaric practice. After several centuries, as the warring reached its peak, the Archmages finally agreed this had to end, and so arranged a meeting - the Archmage of each clan would sit together, no armed guards or companions of any sort, and search for a way to end the fighting for good...

Suddenly, every single Archmage in the Frostlands were gathered in a single great hrad. The most powerful beings among the Brodjir, all speaking together. Words were exchanged, opinions clashes, and a solution was slowly formed... united, the Archmages all came to an agreement that the fighting between clans would stop if every Brodjir had the gift of magic. The heavy demand on resources, territory and manpower would be lessened exponentially, and every little task would be made that much easier. Their solution, after days of deliberation, was to eliminate all the "barbarians" in their lands, and work to breed the power of magic back into their people.


The Frostlands are a forsaken place, lacking any sort of natural vegitation, and so totally lacking in herbivorous life; every creature that dares brave the environment is a powerful hunter or cunning scavenger, and built to defend themselves if another creature decides it's higher up in the foodchain. The Brodjir have accepted that, while they are a very high-tiered predator, they are not above being hunted down and eaten themselves.

Stone, ice, snow and deathly-cold waters are all that makes up the environment, broken only by the occasional hrad.

Social and Family LifeEdit

The Brodjir are a very strict, brutal society. The males and females live in almost complete separation from each other, meeting very rarely in their frozen tundra land. Their society is organized into many different clans, and while the clans do include both males and females, the two halves rarely meet.

The most important thing in their society is honor, or at least how others see you. Being seen to be strong is a huge boon to your clan, and to yourself. The inverse is true as well: publically showing shame or weakness is a grievous affront. When one makes a mistake, the first thought is how to keep anyone from finding out, and the second is how to keep anyone from outside the clan from finding out. If a clanmate finds out, you may be punished within your own clan, but if someone else finds out and your clan suffers publically for your mistakes, it'll be all the worse for you.


Though they have two gods - the mated pair of Muzske and Samice - Brodjir spirituality is focused more around ancestor worship. Every individual represents, not only themselves and their living clanmates, but every Brodjir who has ever carried their clan name and every one who ever will. No active worship takes place, but rather each individual pleases or displeases the ancestors with their actions; if someone defeats many foes in honourable combat or sires several healthy children, they are pleasing and/or blessed by the ancestors. Adversely, a dishonourable kill or death, or failing to conceive, means you are insulting and/or forsaken by the ancestors.


Relations With Other RacesEdit