The Creators of Aesira Edit

Stevie Holland - Nottingham, UK Edit

The original designer of the world proper, Stevie (known by the online alias of "Kairyu-shin", or simply "Kai") created Aesira for a lone role-playing project with a friend back in 2005. Aesira has since developed so far from this original concept that they're irrecognisable from each other, and while it is a collaborative project, every major change and idea that is made is run past Stevie for approval or final veto.

Nate Wallis - Illinois, USA Edit

Brought into the series in its later stages, Nate - also known as Dash - was brought into the series upon overhearing enough side-conversations about the Aesiran canon to become curious. Initially only influential in minor senses - just a character here, an idea there - he has recently become more involved with the development of the world in general, and particularly in the case of the Reptus and the Lutras. He is also the creator of the Seaborn race, and co-author of the story series "Bottled Water".

Jacob Dixon - Missouri, USA Edit

One of the original secondary contributors to the canon, also known by the online alias of "Osric". Jake's sphere of influence focuses mainly around the Bento, where he contributes his religious studies major towards more fully fleshing out the ways and traditions of this highly devout race. He has also put his two cents towards many aspects of culture in the other races, characters and gods, and is one of the few people Stevie will take advice and ideas from at face value.

Si Matthies - Minnesota, USA Edit

An earlier Aesira came up in a conversation or two with Stevie and Si, alias Evertide, and he was intrigued enough to ask questions and suggest ideas...and it was only a matter of time before he started contributing directly. Initially the only real influence he had was the god Taidu being named after his alias, but then he pretty much took over developing both Taidu and the Ye'en race and created other characters, notably Shima, Koro, Massi, and Umi, as well as occasionally working on almost any other aspect of the world.

Benjamin Reed - Idaho, USA Edit

Benjamin, online alias of "Esca", has his own canon separate from the main. Writing his own series of shorts, and with a novel in the works, he uses many of the basic people, places, elements and events of Aesira, while the stories take their own separate path. This has been accepted as a canon split, rather than two unique works.

Other Contributors Edit

The various artists, writers and little side contributors who add a little here and there to the Aesira community.

Simon Shephard - Ohio/Utah, USA Edit

  • Lutras reference picture.
  • Templar and Cultist Pryconian reference pictures.
  • Ye'en reference picture.

Ellen Fitzpatrick - Illinois, USA Edit