Over the course of history, many objects will appear that carry a certain history, or are rumoured to be items of great power or significance. These items are known as artifacts, and are covetously sought after by many who know of them. They may be a weapon told to have killed a hundred men, a gem given as a gift from a god, the family crest of a historically-great figure, or any number of strange things.

First's ClawEdit

First's Claw is a sword made almost one thousand years ago by the first dusk crafter, Stoneshaper. He created many weapons out of dusk, becoming a master of the art over his two hundred year lifespan, but he was forever crafting and perfecting the First's Claw blade. The sword wasn't completed until the very last day of Stoneshaper's life, and has since been passed down through the smiths of his tribe (now the Bluntclaws). The sword is roughly seven feet in length - a task to wield for anybody who isn't a Bento - and made of solid dusk from end-to-end, though the blade's owners have kept the hilt wrapped in leather for grip. The blade is long, extremely fine, and perfectly straight, built something like a very long rapier, though is meant for swinging as opposed to thrusting.

Though the blade had never been raised in actual combat, the rumours regarding its quality say that it is capable of slicing cleanly through solid stone with nigh no resistence. Naturally, one shudders as the idea of what it could do to a person.

Current Owner: Broadcross, Bluntclaw tribe.



Current Owner:

Magister's BandEdit


Current Owner: Yan, Pryconian Empire capitol.