The Archons of Karushen, and of pleasure, treasure and bliss. Angels are tall, beautiful beings that live only for happiness, both their own and that of the people around them, and will do all in their power to aid its spread across Aesira.


The Angels' primary duty is to serve Karushen in whatever capacity they are able, either by attending to his whims or seeing to whatever task he assigns for them. Though they are given full rights to refuse a given task, the god of pleasures tends to know exactly who to send to see to a particular task in accordance with their tastes.

Secondary to this is that the Angels are better known for - they simply exist, living to experience joys and events that are beyond one who is bound to a mortal body, and in doing so, help spread a portion of their own happiness to the peoples of Aesira. (PADDING NEEDED)


Angels come about in two ways. As with most other Archons, they can be mortal spirits temporarily taken out of the cycle of reincarnation. They are often individuals who, in life, pleased Karu in a very particular way, making themselves stand out above the rest. Maybe they went out of their way to make others happy, or had a great respect for the importance of pleasure while also understanding control and moderation. Or, maybe they just caught Karushen's eye and he had to have them. Regardless of the reason they are chosen, the spirit (at the end of their current lifetime) is approached with the offer to be ascended into the service of Karu as an Archon, or simply be allowed to continue on in the cycle - the choice is all theirs.

In addition to being chosen personally, Angels do also come about in another way. When an Angel, or Karu himself, pairs with a mortal partner, any and all resulting children will carry the potential inside of them. Angelic traits will begin to make themselves apparant once puberty hits, and they will then eventually be approached by another Angel to explain their origins. This will more often than not end in an offer, to become a full-blooded Angel, with all the power and duties that go along with it, or simply be left to continue on as a mortal. Again, it's their choice, and they can change their mind at any time after a decision has been made: it is Karu's duty to give them what will make them happy.


Every Angel's appearance will be based around one of the Aesiran races, either the race they feel the strongest affinity for (if an ascended spirit), or the race they were originally born into (if from an Angel and mortal pairing). They are tall (comparitively), carry an unearthly beauty about them that translates across most of the races and cultures, and their skin, fur, hair and eyes are brightly coloured, including colours that would not naturally occour in their race, or at all: reds, blues, golds, purples, greens, &c. Some will simply be brightly coloured, while others will be decorated with garish patterns and designs. Exactly what defines their appearance appears to be a mix of personal desires and what they were like in life. In addition, every Angel has a pair of large, soft-feathered wings (colours and patterns matching the rest of their bodies) that are powerful enough to grant the owner flight, though this is almost entirely for aesthetics; wings are rather moot given that, like many Archons, they have the power to fly through their magic alone.

A unique trait they Angels carry that the other Archons do not is that they age. They will slowly change throughout their significantly long lives, going from bright-eyed children, to energetic teenagers, driven adults, and eventually wise elders - when the time comes to "die", they simply return to the reincarnation cycle. The down side to their aging is that they don't stay in service to Karu as long as other Archons do to their patrons, and while it seems defeating to give his Angels a slightly shorter lifespan, there is a logic to it: in letting them age, and giving them a more limited time ("limited" still being several hundred years, of course), the Angels are driven to do as much as they can in their duties and personal exploits, and in the end much more is gained for it.


Angels are inherantly skilled in magic, particularly the channelling of Divine and the manipulation of others' senses using Illusory. They also channel magic power directly to give themselves the ability to fly, telekinesis and other kinetic powers.

While their Divine mastery and potential is great, they have little genuine use for it: it serves as an energy source and little else, allowing them to exhert themselves for longer periods of time than mortals, though less so than most other Archons. An Angel who has invested the time and effort into studying other schools of magic will often use Divine magic in composite with those schools as a power source to fuel and maintain more powerful effects.

Illusory magic is an Angel's most useful power. In their duties to Karu, they are required to bring pleasure to those around them; to do so in person, they will often use subtle illusions to make themselves appear as though another face in the crowd, a begger on a street corner, a beautiful bar lass looking to "talk". They can also use it more practically, affecting a subject's perception to make them experience whatever they will enjoy most.